Ø-острво, 2019. Installation/exhibition, hemp/cotton rope, wood, plastic, metal, clay, loofah, artificial stones, spraypaint/clay, glass, salt, water bottle, coins/power strip, artificial stones and candles/(paper)clay, plaster, plastic, metal, poppy seeds, salt. KC Magacin, Belgrade, RS

“Ø” is the Danish word for island, “Ø” is also just a letter. острво is the Serbian word for island spelled with Cyrillic. Islands is fragmented land but can connect as a unit. Ø-острво is an exhibition, or can be seen as an installation where each fragment connects with the others. 

Fragments of sculptures, reliefs, prints and sound. About environmental issues, ouroboros, signage, imitation, mass production and the thing with throwing coins in water.

The exhibition is organized by the Center 424 as a part of Belgrade artist in residence program, in collaboration with Proartorg and supported by Ministry of Culture of Serbia. 


LANDsculpt (series), 2019. 18x15cm, paperclay, metal, plaster, plastic, pulp (paper), spraypaint, glaze

U dodiru sa/In touch with (Vane Živadinović Bor), 2019. Installation, wood, cotton thread, plastic, cardboard, spraypaint + audio, Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade, RS. Photo: Bojana Janjić/MoCAB

Tactile installation with relief plates and audio which interpret photograms by Vane Živadinović Bor (an important representative of Belgrade Surrealism. His photograms are held at the Museum of Contemporary Art, as a part of the artist's legacy).


Navigate River, 2019. Installation, 4xA1 print, plaster, stone, wood, rubber, photo, archive material. Art Room 1000fryd, Aalborg, DK. Photo: Kamilla Mez/Irene Liut

Researching the remains of a replica of the Cheops pyramid and two healing sculptures in northern Denmark – built by one man in his backyard in the 1980s.
An ”и” from the Cyrillic alphabet was marked as a crop circle. Connections to the sculptures are showing themselves other places in northern Denmark. This raised several unanswered questions at the Rtanj mountain in eastern Serbia

Supported by Vester Kopi and Kulturkanten

Table Mechanics, 2018. 130x60cm, 12mm round iron, crocodile clip, mirror, thread, plexiglas, steel. Splab, Jutland Art Academy, Aarhus, DK. Photo: Mikkel Høgh Kaldal/Sabine Wedege

R1, 2018. 190x40cm, print on paper, linoleum, plexiglas. Aarhus City Hall, DK. Photo: Mikkel Høgh Kaldal

From the exhibition: parliament of owls, murder of crows, is a double-sided exhibition by the third year from Jutland Art Academy. The artists lead the banner of Jutland Art Academy into Arne Jacobsen’s top-designed fortification in the center of the city and back to the slaughterhouse in the backyard of Jutland Art Academy.

Text poster for splatter films, science fiction and erotic literature, 2017. 60x42cm, 3xA2 print. Splab

Rules, 2016 (2018). 150x90cm, print on paper, aluminium, fabric. Splab

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