It's Really Wheel: Rok, Rockblad, Rock/Jydepotte & Ildgrav/Ris mig

Jydepotte & Ildgrav (Pot from Jutland & Fire Pit), 2023, cm

Ceramic, rope, wood briquettes with burn mark, dice, heart-shaped cake, flower (Palm Male)

Ris mig (Hit me), 2023, cm

Broom handle, birch branches (fastelavnsris), flogger (rope, plastic, fabric), wooden club (fastelavnskølle) (felt, rope), dust broom (plastic, metal, rope), carpet beater (rattan, fabric), heart-shaped pendant box (metal, colored sprinkles)

Rok (Spinning Wheel), 2023, cm

Plastic, rope, spun black cat fur, black goat fur

Rockblad (Distaff) 2023, cm


Rock, 2023, cm

CD (music by Peter Diego), linocut

Photo: Sabine Wedege

Duo with Clara Jozefine Morks, It's Really Wheel, se!, DK

In the exhibition the collaborative work Archive Square was on view (an open archive with books, notes, drawings, postcards and objects from personal collection)