Still Life in Crop Circle/Fortune Teller Machine/Woman with an Incubus

Still Life in Crop Circle, 2021, 100x100x20cm.
Steel, sand, mushrooms, sand ryegrass, rope, dough, clay, heath plants, cloves, sugar lumps, plastic, wax, poppy flowers and seeds, eggshell powder, limestone, pyramid salt, black witchsalt, honey, polypody, tansy

Woman with an Incubus, 2021, 160x100x60cm.
Steel, rope, epoxy, limestone, pine, wax, fabric

Fortune Teller Machine, 2021, 180x40x40cm

Steel, rope, epoxy, limestone, pine, plastic, wax, sand, orpine, sage, thyme

*Sand, sand ryegrass, heath plants, limestones, polypody, tansy, pine, orpine, sage, thyme are gathered respectively by the beach, on the heath and in the forest in North Jutland, Denmark

Photo: Mikkel Høgh Kaldal

Present Tense, Afgang 2021, Jutland Art Academy, Kunsthal Aarhus, Aarhus, Denmark

Curated by South into North

Supported by Grafical, Ekomposit