Sabine Wedege (b. 1993, Denmark, visual artist, she/her)

Curator at RUM два

Editor at Forlaget TEGALROF

Artist duo S&M (Sabine Wedege, Denmark & Magdalene Solli, Norway)


2015-2021: Jutland Art Academy, BFA/MFA

2018-2019: University of Arts in Belgrade, Faculty of Fine Arts, MFA

Educational programs/courses


2020: Writing School in Seyðisfjörður, Iceland, Forlaget Gladiator



2022: Konst i Halland, Varberg, Sweden

2022: Foundation Anne Grete, BKF, Fox-Amphoux, France

2021-2022: SUSTAIN - Artist Digital Exchange (Aarhus Billedkunstcenter/Aarhus Center for Visual Art, Castlefield Gallery), Aarhus/Manchester, Denmark/UK

2019: Belgrade AIR, Center424, Belgrade, Serbia


2022: Archive Dinner, Ostavinska, Belgrade, Serbia

2023: TBA, duo with Clara Jozefine Morks, Se!, Aarhus, Denmark

2023: Spanien19c, workshop, Aarhus, Denmark

2023: TBA, Kvaka 22, Belgrade, Serbia
2023: TBA, BKF secretariat, Copenhagen, Denmark 

Selected exhibitions

2022: BLEED! BREED! BREAD!, solo, Center424, Belgrade, Serbia

2022: Muld (Soil), S&M (duo with Magdalene Solli), Center424, Belgrade, Serbia

2022: Heksetrappen/The Witch Staircase, solo, Heksetrappen (Strandvejen/Heibergsgade), Aarhus, Denmark

2022: LANDING 2022, Kunsthal Kongegaarden, Korsør, Denmark

2021: BAIR retrospective exhibition part 1, Center424, Belgrade, Serbia

2021: Present Tense, Afgang 2021, Jutland Art Academy, Kunsthal Aarhus, Aarhus, Denmark

2021: Matrikel Uden Kroppe/RUNDGANG TV 2021, Jutland Art Academy, Aarhus, Denmark

2020: *Letter*, Jutland Art Academy, Art Weekend Aarhus, Splab, Aarhus, Denmark

2020: 0, solo, RUM 10, ORAUM

2019: U dodiru sa (Vane Živadinović Bor), MSUB/MoCAB, Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade, Belgrade, Serbia

2019: Ø-острво, solo, KC Magacin, Belgrade, Serbia

2019: Poezija I Kreativno Pisanje, Dev9t Alhemija Festival, Belgrade, Serbia

2019: Earth Day Exhibition, Center424, Belgrade, Serbia

2019: Navigate River, solo, Art Room 1000fryd, Aalborg, Denmark

2018: Presented at Fijuk prodavnica/Fijuk sajam, Belgrade, Serbia

2018: Paintings/exhibition in the movie “Hunger”, Dionysus Media/Zentropa, Aarhus, Denmark

2018: Parliament of owls, murder of crows, 3rd year exhibition, Jutland Art Academy, Splab, Aarhus City Hall, Aarhus, Denmark

2017: 777, solo, The Demo Room at Galleri Image, Galleri Miel, AMOK, Aarhus, Denmark

2016: Interiør, 2nd year exhibition, Jutland Art Academy, Vesterbro Torv, Aarhus, Denmark

2016: Klumpglomerate, Jutland Art Academy, Art Weekend Aarhus, Splab, Aarhus, Denmark

2016: KP16, Kunsthal Aarhus, Aarhus, Denmark

2016: Permanent decoration, TAPE, Aarhus, Denmark

2015: Den første, 1st year exhibition, Jutland Art Academy, Splab, Aarhus, Denmark

2015: Mørke Dage Festival, Aalborg, Denmark

2015: Baby it’s midnigt, solo, UNDERFLADEN/Mørke Dage Festival, Tomrummet, Aalborg, Denmark



2019: Reading, Poetry Event #00777, AMOK, Aarhus, Denmark

2019: Performance lecture, Energy, ORGANON Exhibition Space, Odense, Denmark

2016: Reading, PerformanceRUM: DADA 100år, Spanien 19C, Aarhus, Denmark

2016: Reading, nORD, Nordic Literature Festival, Helsingør, Denmark



2022: sustainartists.info, online zine and blog, SUSTAIN

2021: O s.1,1, publication, Forlaget TEGALROF

2021: Archival material for:, binder

2020: 0, book, ORAUM

2018: Hvedekorn 4, 2018, magazine for poetry and art, Rosinante & Co.

2016: Hvedekorn 3, 2016, magazine for poetry and art, Rosinante & Co.


Artist talk/workshop/teaching

2022: Konstnärernas Kollektivverkstad (KKV), workshop, Varberg, Sweden

2022: Hallands Konstmuseum, artist talk, Halmstad, Sweden

2022: Kunsthal Kongegaarden, artist talk, Korsør, Denmark

2021: Aarhus Art School, teaching/artist talk, Aarhus, Denmark

2019: Belgrade AIR, artist talk, Belgrade, Serbia


2021, 2022: Statens Kunstfond/Danish Arts Foundation (production grant)

2022: Oticon Fonden

2022: AaBKC/Konst i Halland stipend

2019: Den Hielmstierne-Rosencroneske Stiftelse

2019: Ny Carlsberg Fondet

2017: Ny Carlsberg Fondet

Member of

Billedkunstnernes Forbund (BKF)

Organisationen for Kunstnere, Kuratorer og Kunstformidlere (UKK)

Foreningen for Samtidskunst (FSK)


Artist Statement

Works primarily with sculpture, but also with text, video, and sound. I research how to harmonize concept and material by putting associations in a new frame of references. Occupied with history versus topicality, to connect the past to contemporary issues and questions.


It about creating a space where the elements can be allowed to speak together – ranging from paganism, occultism, splatter, folklore, traditions, art history, prehistoric art to intersectional feminism, racism, capitalism, consumerism, ecology, landscapes, patterns, and systems. Heavy and lots of references and stories that are combined with the material, thereby “composing the composition” with symbols, motifs, textures, and colors – working with the material both as classic sculpture work with plaster and stone, but also experimenting with rope, wax and salt dough. The material is like an extra layer that encapsulates the works’s references, leaving it as a fused constellation that almost makes its own newly created iconography and carries its own symbolism. A kind of overload, materialism and cultures mingling, exactly as a reflection of society.


My practice is research based, archive, literature, the internet, sketches, notes, etc. In my process, there is a distinction between source material, where it comes from, credibility and a permit for everything can be archive material regardless. For me, and for our contemporaries, we get information from various sources, and I take it directly into my way of working. That’s why I use both sources from local historical archives and non-fiction, but also SoMe platforms like TikTok and Pinterest – which all carries their very own phenomena and realities.


Strives for a certain recognizability in the works, which should be inclusive for the viewer and to reach as broadly as possible. A quest to demystify, with an awareness of the process can be exclusive, whereas the dissemination of this must be able to be inclusive – the viewer must be able to have an immediate approach to the work. My works are a distorted reality of familiar objects, tools, and trends in addition humor plays a significant role, as well as kitch and pop aesthetics to the complex reference ensemble.

- Sabine Wedege

Sabine Wedege’s interdisciplinary practice moves between sculpture, text, video, and sound, used in parallel and in contrast with each other. Drawing from a variety of references, including esoterism, environmental issues and iconography, her works morph from connections between often very disparate issues found in history and in our present world. Inspired by narratives as diverse as Land Art and Constructivism, prehistoric art and Yugoslav darkwave, her practice takes unexpected detours. From geoglyphs to synthetic red blood in Grand Guignol theatre, from microplastic-filled fishes to dark rooms of neon graffiti and Israeli 90s punk, all the way to commercials, memes, and cannibalistic capitalism.

          Through her works, Wedege investigates the potential of material and concept to reconcile through wacky associations, freed from epistemological structures. Reading present issues through historical references, while playing with the idea that formal elements can take shape through a variety of cultural references, the artist exacerbates contemporary tendencies of cutting and pasting disparate sources to create a pastiche of juxtapositions. This approach resists the concept of ‘finished form’ and instead operates experimentally and cyclically, welcoming repetitions and transformations. The task of demystifying this idiosyncratic approach of incorporating research is entrusted to a certain recognizability of form that allows the viewer to intuitively approach the works beyond the complexity of their references.

- South into North

(Francesca Astesani & Julia Rodrigues)