⌘, 2023, 8x3,5cm., 10pcs.

Holy tap water, sankthansurt, small straw doll, colored sprinkles, glass bottle, rope, wax

Photo: iOM

Perron Ceremoni, Automatic Display, iOM, Copenhagen Central Station, Copenhagen, Denmark

Automatic Display holds conceptual references to an actual vending machine, but appears as a vertical and transparent installation encapsulating the art pieces. While each piece is curated on a separate platform, the transparency of the ‘Automatic Display’ allows multiple visual relations between the art pieces. - iOM

The work ⌘ consists of 10 glass bottles which contains an elixir. It speaks to the capitalism of ecological matter, the use of material and privilege, and tradition/culture. It’s a way of buying a holy water on the go or/and a piece of art for an affordable price – it can be used or/and manifest itself as a sculpture.